Pasta Evangelists

Is there a better pairing than pasta and truffles?

Urbani Truffles celebrates this couple with a special collaboration with Pasta Evangelists.

Just like Urbani Tartufi, Pasta Evangelists celebrates the values of tradition and craftsmanship through the flavours of Italy’s typical ingredients, among which there is the truffle.

Pasta Evangelists has devised three unique recipes to create a limited-edition tasting menu in which the undisputed star is the Summer Black Truffle, sourced directly from the Valnerina in Umbria and expertly selected by Urbani Tartufi.

Each one of the pastas has been handmade and designed to bring out the best of the truffle’s flavours, aromas and texture.

Tagliolini with a Whole Urbani Truffle & Urbani Truffle Butter (Vegetarian)

The recipe for tagliolini with Urbani Truffle and Truffle Butter matches this fresh pasta with all the simplicity of black truffle shavings whose intensity is enhanced by the natural oils and fats of the fresh pasta.

The final touch is given by the Urbani truffle butter, which is excellent for adding shine and creaminess to the dish.

Beef & Summer Truffle Tortelloni with Urbani Truffle Butter

In the tortelloni recipe, the pasta filling features a rich and special combination of slow-cooked beef and Urbani Black Summer Truffle.

To make the dish even more precious, the recipe calls for an incredibly fragrant creaming with truffle butter.

Pecorino & Summer Truffle Triangoli with Urbani Truffle Butter

The tasty flavour of the truffle, enhanced even more by the savouriness of the Pecorino cheese, is the star in every bite of these triangle-shaped ravioli.

A drizzle of Urbani truffle butter, a shower of truffle shavings and a handful of Piedmont hazelnuts are added to complete the dish.